Shingles Home Remedies - Relieve the Pain

There’re a few easy ways to do at home to relieve the shingles pain.

Healing baths

Daily cleansing of the blisters reduces the risk of spreading the infection. Take a cool bath or shower to soothe skin. The coolness of the water can ease pain from shingles blisters and calm itchiness.

Hot water will worsen the pain so don’t use hot water. Dry yourself completely.

You may also want to clean your towel completely to avoid spreading the virus to others.

Wet, cool compress

Apply a cool, moist compress several times a day will relieve the pain and itchiness. You may soak a clean cloth in cool water, and then apply it to the rash and blisters.

Don’t use ice.

Soothing lotions

Lotions and creams don’t speed up the healing process, but they can increase your comfort level. Avoid scented or perfumed lotions though.

Capsaicin ointment

Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chili peppers. It has an anti-inflammatory effect to help ease pain. Pain may increase after initially applying the cream, but it’ll slowly go away.

Calamine lotion

You can apply calamine lotion after baths and showers to soothe irritated skin and help dry out blisters. It works well.

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