Sinus Bradycardia - What To Do?

Q: My heart beat is slower than normal, it’s 56 every minute. The normal range is 60-100. I don’t feel dizzy or any uncomfortable. Do I need to do anything?


A: Normal heart rate is 60-100 beats/minute. It’s called Bradycardia when the heart rate goes below 60 beats/minute. There are several types of bradycardia, the most common of which is sinus bradycardia. Sinus bradycardia can happen on normal people. The problem of sinus bradycardia is causing insufficiency of blood supply to all over the body. If that happens, you’ll feel dizzy, vision loss, faint, etc. As long as you feel physically ok, at 56 beats/minute, you should be fine and no medical treatment is necessary. 


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