Sleepless Nights May Contribute to Weight Gain

A paper published in the journal Science Advances says that a single sleepless night can change metabolic processes which may lead to weight gain and lack of muscle maintenance.

The researchers enlisted 15 adult volunteers and then divided them into two groups. One group slept at night while the other group stayed up all night. They found that there existed differences in gene activity linked to the production of proteins associated with lipid absorption and cell proliferation between the two groups.

The levels of metabolites and proteins that are involved in the process of storing fat had been elevated in the group who stayed up all night. And their proteins that are involved in muscle buildup and repair had been broken down as well. That is to say, volunteers who missed a night of sleep are more likely to gain fat.

In addition, the researchers found that missing a night of sleep might be associated with a type of inflammation linked to the development of type 2 diabetes and obesity.

They also point out that they don’t know it will take how long for the changed metabolites and proteins to become normal. However, they can determine that sleep has more functions than previously thought.

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