SMRP Level Test – Normal Range

SMRP level was higher in patients with mesothelioma (2.05 ± 2.57 nM/L) than in patients with metastasis (1.02 ± 1.79 nM/L) or benign lesions (0.55 ± 0.59 nM/L).

The AUC for serum SMRP differentiating metastasis and mesothelioma was 0.693, cut-off = 1.85 nM/L (sensitivity = 58.3%, specificity = 73.3%). The AUC for pleural SMRP-differentiating benign lesions and mesothelioma was 0.831, cut-off = 10.4 nM/L (sensitivity = 76.7%, specificity = 76.2%).

If a series of SMRP tests show SMRP levels are increasing, it may indicate that mesothelioma has progressed.

If the series of tests indicates that SMRP levels are decreasing, then the person may be responding to therapy.

If the levels are unchanged, it may mean that the disease has stabilized.

Some people with epithelial mesothelioma, a form of the disease that affects the cavity lining or membranes, do not produce SMRP.

Keywords: SMRP; soluble mesothelin-related peptides

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