What Is Spring Fever?

There’s an illness that poets have been talking about for centuries. Its symptoms include a flushed face, a good mood, increased heart rate, less sleep, restlessness and, most importantly, daydreaming. In fact, it’s spring fever, that wonderful, rosy-colored disease we all recognize in April and May.

Spring fever, a good mood and less sleep
It’s spring time!

Myths about the name:

As you may wonder, spring fever is not a medical term. And thus it is not considered a disease or malfunction of the human body. In the dictionary, it is explained as “a laziness or restless feeling often associated with the coming of spring”.

So don’t be afraid. You are not having a real fever. Also, you won’t be bed-ridden. It’s just this surge of energy in you waking up. And it simply wants you to be more energetic.

Spring fever, a good mood and less sleep
Let’s enjoy spring!

Features of people with spring fever:

However, many researchers have found noticeable patterns in people’s behaviour during spring. These include:

  • An increase in energy and vitality
  • An increase in sexual appetite

These changes are particularly strong in those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Symptoms of spring fever: a good mood and less sleep

Below are the adorable symptoms of spring fever. For example:

Spring fever, a good mood and less sleep
Go jogging.
  1. You may have the sudden urge to jog. Maybe it’s because of the extra amount of fresh sunshine on you, you tend to feel like jogging on a balmy, brisk spring morning.
  2. You begin to push fatty foods away and enjoy picking at salads and fruits. As researchers find out, this may result from the internal biological clock we get from our ancestors. As spring comes, they tend to run out of food from last year and are anxiously waiting for the new grains. Therefore, you like fruits and vegetables better in spring.
  3. You will have less sleep. You may find yourself harder to go to sleep at your usual time. This has something to do with our hormones.
  4. You are in a good mood most of the time. And you may find yourself whistling, smiling or being nice for no reasons.
  5. It’s possible to never stop thinking about sex. Similarly, this also results from change in our hormone levels.
  6. You want to clean up. Whether it’s your messy drawer, or your grassy garden, a sudden urge grows from the bottom of your heart and tells you it’s time to clean up. You seem less likely to be tired and love to smell detergents.
Spring fever, a good mood and less sleep
Grab your broom. Let’s clean up!

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