What Are the Symptoms of Strep Throat in Children?

Though strep throat in children is a minor medical problem, it could cause great discomfort to your children. Strep throat in children is one of the causes for rheumatic fever and kidney failure in children under three. Young children with strep throat often have bloody nasal discharge while older children are seen with rash on their arms and legs. It’s important for parents or guardians to spot the symptoms as early as possible.

strep throat in children, rash, bloody nasal discharge
strep throat in children

Symptoms of strep throat in children may include:

Infants – note the bloody nasal discharge:

Strep throat in infants are the hardest to discover. But it needs to be treated in time before it develops into something far more horrible. When an infant gets strep throat, they may have a slight fever and possibly thickened or even bloody nasal discharge.

strep throat in children, rash, bloody nasal discharge
Slight fever in children

Toddlers (ages one to three):

Strep throat in children, ages one to three, may have symptoms different from those in infants. Children may experience a running nose with thickened and bloody nasal discharge. Besides, they may have a sore throat and have no appetite for food.

strep throat in children, rash, bloody nasal discharge
A running nose in children

Strep throat in children over three years old:

When children over the age of three have strep throat, their symptoms can be more severe. Usually they will suffer from a high fever above 102 degrees fahrenheit (38.9 degrees Celsius). Also, their throats will be extremely sore, with swollen tonsils and glands, making eating and drinking uncomfortable and painful.

Other symptoms – rash, strawberry tongue, etc.:

The symptoms below may also appear on children with strep throat, regardless of their age:

  • white patches on tonsils and throat
  • “strawberry” tongue – taste buds are inflamed and red
  • headache
  • chills
  • abdominal pain
  • rash
  • neck pain
strep throat in children, rash, bloody nasal discharge
Strawberry tongue in children

If you suspect that a child under your care may get strep throat, taking the child to a pediatrician is always the wise thing to do. However, on the way of seeing the doctor, you can try some home remedies, such as lemon tea or honey tea, soft fruits rich in vitamin C and D and lozenges.

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