What Are Kidney Cyst Symptoms Like?

Kidney cysts, in general, mean simple kidney cysts. Simple kidney cysts rarely cause problems and are different from polycystic kidney disease, which is far more serious. Simple kidney cysts are just individual cysts that form on the kidneys. They have thin walls and contain a water-like fluid. The possible symptoms include back pain and dark urine.

Simple kidney cysts, back pain and dark urine
Normal kidney and kidney with cysts

How harmful are simple kidney cysts?

In fact, simple cysts don’t damage the kidneys or affect their function. Most of them are harmless. However, if the cysts become too large and make you painful, doctors can always remove them through procedures such as sclerotherapy or laparoscopy. However, you won’t suffer too much and your life will remain as usual.

What symptoms: back pain, dark urine and more?

Simple kidney cysts typically don’t cause signs or symptoms. You usually have no idea about their existence until you go through an ultrasound or CT scan for other reasons.

Simple kidney cysts, back pain and dark urine
CT scan of simple kidney cysts

However, if the cysts become large or get infected, it may cause one or several of the following problems:

  • fever
  • back pain or pain in the side between your ribs and pelvis (the pain is usually dull, but it can become severe if the cyst bursts)
  • pain in your upper abdomen
  • swelling of the abdomen
  • urinating more often than usual
  • blood in your urine
  • dark urine
Simple kidney cysts, back pain and dark urine
Back pain is a strong indicator of kidney disease

What are the possible complications from simple kidney cysts?

Although most of kidney cysts are benign, the complications resulting from it can be severe. These include:

  • An infected cyst. (fever and pain)
  • A burst cyst. (severe pain in your back or side)
  • Urine obstruction. (obstructs the normal flow of urine; lead to swelling of the kidney)

Therefore, no matter the symptoms are mild or severe, just go ahead to get your doctor’s advice and always take good care of yourself !


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