Question about Tarlov Cysts - To Karen


I had one Tarlov v cyst at T 1 and now I have another at T 2, the one at T1 left is the one that disabled me . Can you have Tarlov Cysts in your brain?


Tarlov cysts are found most commonly at the sacral level of the spine. But cysts can occur in brain, it’s called brain cysts. According to existing reports and researches, there’s no link between the two. Brain cysts are usually benign, if they develop into relatively big size that cause symptoms, there’re ways to remove them. However, the surgery treatment to Tarlov cysts is less common. There are a small number of physicians in the world who have surgical expertise in the treatment for Tarlov cysts. The short-term and long-term outcome of surgery is improving but variable in individual patients at this time.

The Tarlov cysts foundation provides information about this disease. You can find a name list of Neurosurgeons who are recognized in this field here


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