The 3-Day Military Diet: Does It Really Work ?

How to lose a quick few pounds in three days ?

Recently, the “military diet ” is popular on the internet as it can help you lose about 10 pounds in three days with hot dogs, tuna fish, ice cream on your food list.  Kinda bullshit, right?  Well, let’s find out what’s going on there.

The military diet, here, put simply, means low-calorie, lower-carbohydrate diet. Generally, diet like this only make you lose water and some potential muscle, the weight will come back when you finish these special days. Here is the military diet in more detail:


Breakfast a cup of caffeinated coffee or tea, one slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and half a grapefruit. (308 calories)
Lunch another cup of coffee or tea, a bare-bones slice of toast (whole-wheat is best) and a half-cup of tuna. (139 calories.)
Dinner 3 ounces of steak ( size of a playing card), a cup of green beans, half of a banana and a small apple, a whole cup of vanilla ice cream! (619 calories)
In total, 1,066 calories. No snacks allowed.



Breakfast another dry piece of toast, one egg cooked however you like and half of a banana. (223 calories)
Lunch  a hard-boiled egg, five saltine crackers and a cup of full-fat cottage cheese . (340 calories.)
Dinner half of a banana, a half-cup of carrots, a full cup of broccoli, two hot dogs, a half-cup of vanilla ice cream.  (630calories)
In total, 1,193 calories.


Breakfast a slice of cheddar cheese with five saltines and a small apple. (232calories)
Lunch one dry slice of toast and an egg. (170 calories.)
Dinner a stomach-turning combination of half a banana, a full cup of tuna and another cup of ice cream. (460 calories)
In total, 762 calories.


As for the rest of the week, you can eat what you like as long as the daily total calories are less that 1,500. And then three days again.

Here is an interesting story. According to many articles, bloggers, YouTubers and message board posts, “military” in this diet name comes from a special nutritional diet for helping recruits in the US military to drop pounds off as soon as possible. While Patricia Deuster, professor at the Uniformed Services University and author of the first US Navy SEAL Nutrition guide, said that he never heard about it during his 30 years working with the military.

Post-truth time, right? If you choose to believe in the so-called military diet, then just take a try and be responsible for the possible healthy problems. And do remember that Rome was not built in a day, and there are always another healthier and better way.

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