The Green Monkey Theory and HIV

Despite many controversies over the origin of AIDS, it has been internationally recognized that this disease was first discovered in Africa.

According to the green monkey theory, an African green monkey carried a virus called monkey HIV. The AIDS virus appeared in the primates of the Central African rainforest from the 18th to the 19th century. An African Green Monkey carried a virus called Monkey HIV, just like human HIV. Although nearly 30% to 70% of green monkeys are infected with the virus, but none of them develop any disease owing to their healthy immune system and strong immunity.

It is said that local Africans have the habit of eating monkey meat and injecting blood from monkeys into the body to enhance sexual desire. When killing monkeys, they were bitten or scratched by monkeys, and their skin was damaged. These pathogens infiltrated the human body and gradually evolved into human AIDS virus. It is also said that the HIV infection comes from humans and money’s close contact.

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