Tips for Using a Blood Pressure Monitor at Home

Tips for using a blood pressure monitor at home.

Taking blood pressure periodically enables you to monitor your health state. With a blood pressure monitor at home, you needn’t always go to your doctor’s office to have your blood pressure checked. Here are some tips for taking your own blood pressure:

1.Following factors may bring about the temporary rise of blood pressure: stress, smoking, cold temperatures, exercise, caffeine and certain medicines. You shall avoid these factors when taking your blood pressure.

2. You shall take your blood pressure each day at about the same time.

3. Secure your cuff, but not too tight.

The number of blood pressure consists of the top number and the bottom number. When you finally get your blood pressure number, you can assess your health state according to following illustrations:
Top number and its corresponding meaning:

  • Below 120: Normal pressure.
  • 120-129: Elevated pressure.
  • 130-139: High blood pressure, which is also called hypertension.
  • 140-180: Stage 2 hypertension.
  • Over 180: A real crisis. Call your doctor.

Bottom number and its corresponding meaning:

  • 80-90: Stage 1 hypertension.
  • 90-120: Stage 2 hypertension.
  • Over 120: A crsis. Call you doctor immediately.

These tips can be applied whenever you are using a manual monitor or a digital monitor like omron blood pressure monitor.

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