Tips in Flu Prevention

One of my friends do these to his children to prevent flu. This is simply to share some tips, nothing about academic discussion, and we only post these because this flu season is getting wild.

How Viruses Go Into Human Body?

There are three windows where the viruses can pass through and get into human body, eyes, mouth, nose. When children touch their eyes, put fingers into mouths, touch their noses, the viruses reach the warm beds. However, flu viruses don’t make people sick in a few hours, viruses stay in the warm beds for days, multiply to a certain concentration, then people are sick.

What To Do?

Do not touch eyes. Clean hands.

Use saline to clean children’s nasal, in the morning and at night, twice a day, to limit the breeding of virus.

Take soup with salt, or snack with salt, there’ll be residue of salt in the throat, thus to limit the breeding of virus.




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