Top 8 Groups Under Cancer’s Unbearable Attention !

High incidence of cancer has become an indisputable fact, as a result of the environmental pollution, bad habits and genetic factors. Early detection and early treatment is always the best way to fight cancer.
Here are the simplest detections for cancer.

Lung cancer: I like ones with Long-term heavy smoking and long-term exposure to fumes.
When it comes to lung cancer, for sure, smoking is to blame. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 patients who died of lung cancer were smokers. Smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day for more than 20 consecutive years, makes one most likely to induce lung cancer. If you are more often forced to smoke secondhand smoke, you may have a relatively higher risk of cancer.
quit smoking if you are a smoker;
ban smoking in public places;
annual cancer test for those over 45 years old with smoking history.

Stomach cancer: I like ones who drink alcohol and eat pickled foods even with gastric ulcers.
People with gastric ulcers and other chronic gastritis have a higher risk of gastric cancer than others. Those who have these diseases are prone to get cancer as a result of the high salt diet, and alcohol. Pickled foods, especially those who did not pickled food, is a dangerous bomb as well.
eat green, yellow vegetables; eat salty, pickled, hard and dry, moldy food; limited alcohol; men over the age of 40, a family history of gastric cancer, chronic stomach history, and Helicobacter pylori infection should regularly check body.

Esophageal cancer: I like ones who love to eat hot and eat too fast.
Eating too fast, too hot or alcoholic for a long time, may repeatedly burn or damage your esophageal mucosa, making it often in a repair state, resulting in cancer. Statistics show that in patients with esophageal cancer, hot food lover accounted for more than 90%.
regular physical examination is recommended if there is a history of esophageal cancer among your immediate family members;
treat your meal in a gentle and slow manner.

Liver cancer: I like ones cannot live without alcohol and those with underlying liver disease.
Long-term heavy drinking will repeatedly damage the liver cells, leading to cirrhosis. And probably 70% of the liver cirrhosis can turn into liver cancer. As for liver cancer, there are two important risk factors, namely, viral hepatitis and aflatoxin, the latter appear in mildew food.
hepatitis vaccine;
those with hepatitis should limit alcohol;
develop healthy eating habits

Intestinal cancer: I like those with too much meat in their diet and too much sedentariness in their life.
Intestinal cancer shares similar gene pathogenesis with diabetes, hypertension. Put simply, it’s the way of life. Patients mainly eat too much meat for many years with the lack of dietary fiber intake. They have sedentary habits with irregular defecation and so on. Obesity is much easier to be the candidate here.
eat less and move more;
try your best to avoid fried, fried, pickled foods;
limit weekly red meat within 1 kg;
exercise more to develop regular bowel habits.

Breast cancer: I like people over 40 years old who don’t breast-feeding and always take contraceptives.
Breast cancer comes first among women’s cancers. Breast cancer can be mainly induced by late marriage and childbearing, frequent use of contraceptives, exposure to a large number of estrogen-like chemicals (such as cosmetics, etc.), mental stress and so on.
more veges is good for women;
6 months of breast-feeding for your kid is recommended;
annual physical examination and early breast cancer screening is necessary among women with a family history of breast cancer, or who is not pregnant over 40 years old, or the overweight ones.

Thyroid cancer: I like ones with too much radiation exposure and iodine intake.
The cause of thyroid cancer is unknown, but the thyroid is sensitive to the radiation environment, such as medical examination of radiation, natural radiation. In addition, excessive iodine intake will have an impact.
raise your awareness of protection;
minimize exposure to radiation items;
annual physical examination is necessary among women, one with a family history of thyroid cancer, residents of coastal areas.

Cervical cancer: I like people who have a chaotic sex life.
Human papillomavirus infection is its biggest cause. Premature sexual life, too many sexual partners make a chaotic sex life, leading to high incidence.
the most effective way to prevent cervical cancer is vaccination of cervical cancer vaccine;
avoid chaotic life.


* The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.