What Is the Treatment for Presbyesophagus?

What is the treatment for presbyesophagus?

The gastrointestinal tract undergoes change with aging, and the esophagus(food pipe) is not an exception. Presbyesophagus is the term describing an abnormal shape of the aging esophagus. This change may impact esophageal movement or mobility. Although the term originally means the change in esophagus movement related to aging, controversially there is limited evidence showing that aging by itself causes trouble swallowing.

Treatments may include:

  • Medications: if you have the symptom of heartburn, your doctor may prescribe medications to reduce stomach acids or medications to improve esophagus muscle movement.
  • Diet modification: Eat slowly, don’t talk while you eat, take small bites, and sit in an upright position after meals.

Please talk to your doctor if you are regularly having difficulty in swallowing.


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