What Are the Treatments and Prognosis for Pancreatic Cancer?

What are the treatments and prognosis for pancreatic cancer?

Researchers have been making breakthroughs in finding new treatments and prognosis for pancreatic cancer. Currently, pancreatic cancer is treated with surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy.

New Ways to Give Radiation

Researchers are looking at new ways to give radiation. For example, they are studying giving radiation therapy two or more times a day, or during surgery (intraoperative radiation), or with drugs that help protect normal tissue so that higher doses can be given.

Biological Therapy

Researchers are also taking biological therapy as a possible option to see whether it can be helpful in treating this disease. Sometimes several methods are combined, and the patient is referred to doctors who specialize in different kinds of cancer treatment.

Clinical Trial

When a new treatment method seems to be promising, it will be used to treat cancer patients in clinical trials. Through these trials, researchers can find answers to scientific questions and find out whether a new treatment is both safe and effective.

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