Turner Syndrome Characteristics

Signs and characteristics of Turner syndrome may vary among girls and women with the disorder. For some girls, the presence of Turner syndrome may not be readily apparent, but in other girls, a number of physical features and poor growth are apparent early. Signs and symptoms can be subtle, developing slowly over time, or significant.


Facial features:

  1. down-turning eyelids
  2. low-set and prominent ears
  3. small jaw
  4. high, narrow roof of mouth


Other characteristics:

  1. neck webbing ( short, thick neck)
  2. short stature
  3. delayed puberty
  4. infertility
  5. lymphedema (puffy hands and feet)
  6. turned up nails
  7. short roots of teeth


Medical concerns:

  1. chronic middle ear infections
  2. hearing loss
  3. distinctive heart, liver, and kidney abnormalities
  4. autoimmune disorders, such as underactive thyroid and celiac disease
  5. difficulty with nonverbal communication skills, spatial relationships, such as driving or riding a bike, and executive functions


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