Unlimited Benefits of Adding the Row Garlic into Your Diet

Scientists’ study shows that more and more foods common in our daily life shine with their unbelievable health effects. Garlic is one of the super foods.

As an essential food in our daily life, you need it almost in every cooking receipts in our kitchen.

Garlic features a spicy odor, and promotes health. Extensive research shows that garlic improves immunity and heart health, helps prevent and fight certain cancers, and lowers triglycerides and total cholesterol. Researchers report that many of its compounds, including antioxidants and allicin, have antibacterial properties. You can see the effect only after one serving of raw garlic.

In this study, the researchers found enough evidence to prove that eating at least half a day of garlic has long-term health benefits.

Maximum benefits of the fresh garlic, chopped and sliced, can be achieved with high-acid foods mixture such as lemon juice.

Here are some tips on daily eating.

  • Wait 5 to 10 mins before eating or using in the dish.
  • Mix raw garlic with your salad dressing like hummus and bean paste.
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