What About the Prognosis and Survival Rate of the Spindle Cell Sarcoma?

What about the prognosis and survival rate of the spindle cell sarcoma?

The spindle cell sarcoma is mainly formed by the spindle cell, it could affect any organ or tissue. For example, it could affect the epithelial tissue or mesenchymal tissue. The forms are variable, and the medical check could be difficult.

The prognosis is related to many facts:

  • The diagnosis time: the early the better.
  • The location of the cancer: If the location near the trunk, then the prognosis would not good, vice versa.
  • The surgery and the assistant therapy would also affect the prognosis.

For the survival rate, it would according to the specifical type of the spindle cell sarcoma. For example, if the spindle cell sarcoma is located in the limbs, then the survival rate is high; if it located in the organs, like stomach, it would be dangerous, and the rate would be low.

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