What About the Prognosis of the Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma?

What about the prognosis of the metastatic soft tissue sarcoma?

The soft tissue sarcoma is starts from the soft tissue, like: fat, muscle, tendon, lymph, and vessel etc. This kind of sarcoma is hard to deal with, since they are connected with the surrounding tissue closely and they can also transfer easily by the vessel. The metastatic cells would infiltrate other tissues and forms other lumps.

For the prognosis, the result would depend on several facts:

  • The diagnosis time: the early the better
  • The type of the soft tissue sarcoma: if the sarcoma just forms a lump, then the prognosis would be good after the surgery; if the sarcoma transfers to other tissues, the prognosis would not really good.
  • The medical care after surgery: paying close attention to the postoperative infection.

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