What Are A1c Values in Different Levels Among Diabetes?

What are A1c values in different levels among diabetes?



Diabetics should test their A1c levels at least twice a year. So it’s important for the diabetic to be well aware of its values, further managing your diabetes.
Check out the basic A1c chart for diabetes.

A1c Level What It Means
Less than 5.7% Normal (minimal Risk for Type 2 Diabetes)
5.7% to 6.4% “Prediabetes,” meaning at risk for developing type 2 diabetes
6.5% or greater Diagnosed diabetes

As shown in the chart, every a1c level indicates diabetes in different conditions. Mind your a1c range and adjust your diet, exercise and medications in time.By the way, a1c chart in american diabetes association has more explanation. You can learn a lot on diabetes on that website.


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