What Are Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer?

Q: In addtition to the treatments my doctor suggests, what else can I do to treat breast cancer?

A: Instead of the treatments doctors suggest, there are some other therapies to treat breast cancer, including alternative therapies.

Alternative therapies are different from mainstream therapies you doctor suggest. These therapies are used out of the patient’s own knowledage and willing. Therefore, these therapies are not so reliable. Some therapies have not been proven to work or have been proven useless.  Those disproved therapies can bring more suffering, because by undergoing these therapies, it is likely to delay the use of effective threrapies or actually do harm to your health.

There are many alternative therapies for patients to use, inluding traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, detoxification diets, and antioxidants. Please first talk to your health care team before you decide to choose any of them. It is quite important to ask your doctor for advice if you are thinking about receiving only alternative therapies rather than mainstream treatments.



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