What Are Clinical Trials of Multiple Myeloma?

What are clinical trials of multiple myeloma?

Clinical trials are very important. They help develop new multiple myeloma treatment and make people know more about the biology of multiple myeloma.

Patients who are enrolled in clinical trials will receive the newest drugs and close monitoring. The new therapy patients receive is tested. However, it should be realized that the effect of the new therapy is not so certain. That means, it may be more effective than, equivalent to, or not as effective as standard treatment. And it may have side effects.

A clinical trial is composed of following phases:

  • Determine safety, dosage, and how the drug is absorbed and act in the body.
  • Evaluate effectiveness and safety.
  • Compare effectiveness and safety with standard treatment.

Clinical trial is beneficial for the study and cure of multiple myeloma. The more people who enroll, the faster scientists can find better ways to treat disease.

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