What Are Colorectal Cancer Stages?

What are colorectal cancer stages?

There are five stages of colorectal cancer, which include Stage 0, Stage I, Stage II, Stage III and Stage IV:

1. Stage 0 Colorectal Cancer

  • Stage 0 colorectal cancer is found only in the innermost lining of the colon.

2. Stage I Colorectal Cancer

  • Stage I tumors have spread to the second and third layers, and involve the inside wall of the colon but the cancer hasn’t spread to the outer wall of the colon or outside the colon.

3. Stage II Colorectal Cancer

  • Stage II colorectal cancers are larger and go through the muscular wall of the colon but there is no cancer in the lymph nodes.

4. Stage III Colorectal Cancer

  • Stage lIlA: Tumors are within the colon wall and also involve the lymph nodes.
  • Stage lIlB: Tumors have grown through the colon wall and have spread to one to four lymph node.
  • Stage lIlC: Tumors have spread to more than four lymph nodes.

5. Stage IV Colorectal Cancer

  • Stage IV colorectal cancers have spread outside the colon to other parts of the body, such as the liver or the lungs. It is also known as advanced colorectal cancer or metastatic colorectal cancer.

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