What are Home Remedies for Lockjaw?

What are home remedies for lockjaw?

Lockjaw is a problem in which the jaw muscles of mouth locks and the person is not able to open his or her mouth. Many factors may result in this condition. Tetanus infection, soft tissue injury, arthritis and grinding of teeth are all possible factors. In addition, it is also likely that some certain medications lead to lockjaw.

Home remedies:

Here are some remedies you can use to cure your lockjaw at home:

  • Use Warm compress
  • Apply cold compress
  • Increase the water intake
  • Use garlic and mustard oil
  • Have calcium rich food
  • Have food containing magnesium
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Follow a balanced diet
  • Do jaw exercises

If you can’t get rid of the problem of lockjaw, please visit your doctor.

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