What Are Overactive Bladder and Urge Incontinence?

What are overactive bladder and urge incontinence?

People with overactive bladder go to the restroom more often than needed. Those with urge incontinence may pee before they reach the toilet.


  • Have a very strong urge to pee and leak urine before you get to the toilet.
  • Feel the need to pass urine when you have sex, wash dishes, etc.
  • Eager to figure out where the bathroom is whenever you arrive at a new place.
  • Avoid some activities because you are afraid of leaks.
  • Go to the restroom frequently at night.


  • Avoid drinking beverages that irritate the bladder. Such beverages often contain caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeteners.
  • Take medicine that helps relax the bladder muscle.
  • Do exercises that can strengthen your pelvic-floor muscles.
  • Suppress unnecessary urge to urinate. You will be able to delay urination over time.
  • Put inside the buttocks a generator that sends electrical impulse to slow the signals that cause frequent urination.
  • Surgery.

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