What are Regular Nursing Plans for Diabetes Mellitus?


What are regular nursing plans for diabetes mellitus?


Nursing care for diabetes comprises of effective treatment to maintain the patient’s blood sugar level within the normal range and reduce the risk of complications by using insulin, healthy diet and regular exercise. The nurse should lay emphasis on the importance of sticking to the prescribed treatment plan by the doctor and of the effect of blood sugar control on the patient’s health, and consider the patient’s personal needs and development stage.

The following are 11 nursing care plans for diabetes.

  • Deficient Knowledge about diabetes process, treatment and individual care needs
  • Risk for Ineffective Therapeutic Regimen Management
  • Risk for Disturbed Sensory Perception
  • Risk for Injury
  • Imbalanced Nutrition: Less Than Body Requirements
  • Risk for Infection
  • Risk for Deficient Fluid Volume
  • Fatigue
  • Risk for Unstable Blood Glucose
  • Risk for Impaired Skin Integrity
  • Powerlessness


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