What Are Some Facts About Liver Cancer?

What are some facts about liver cancer?

Liver cancer is a terrible disease. Knowing some facts about it to some extend can help us prevent from it.

How Does It Happen?
Your liver does a lot for you, like filter your blood and break down food. It’s one of your largest — and most important — organs. When you have liver cancer, some cells there grow out of control and form a tumor. That can affect how well your liver works.

Alcohol, Obesity, Diabetes Raise Your Odds
One main cause of cirrhosis in the U.S. is drinking large amounts of alcohol over many years. Since cirrhosis can make you more likely to have liver cancer, that means drinking heavily can make you more likely to get it. And if you’re very overweight or have diabetes or a condition called metabolic syndrome, you’re at higher risk of getting nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which can lead to liver cancer, too.

Treatment: Surgery or Transplant
Treatment for liver cancer depends on the stage as well as your age, overall health, and the health over your liver. If the cancer hasn’t spread and you don’t have other liver problems, you may have:
Surgery to reomove the tumor
A liver transplant, where you get a new liver from a donor. This isn’t common.

These tell you how far your cancer has spread:
Stage I: One tumor that hasn’t spread anywhere else
Stage II: One tumor that’s spread into blood vessels, or more than one tumor, but all smaller than 2 inches
Stage III: One tumor that’s spread to major blood vessels or nearby organs, or more than one tumor and at least one of them is larger than 2 inches
Stage IV: The cancer has spread to other body parts.

If a liver cancer is caught, asking for professional advices is urgent.

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