What Are Symptoms of Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Adults?

Q: Is there any difference between symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease in children and those of the same disease in adults?

A: Though hand, foot and mouth disease is a common childhood disease, it can affect adults, too. Most of the symptoms are the same in children and adults, but a few of them are different.

As the patient is invaded by viruses, the early symptoms are pretty similar with those of a flu which is also caused by viruses. Having a fever and a sore throat and the loss of appetite are common signs of viral infections.

Later the patient will have a rash around his hands, feet, elbows, knees and buttocks. The rash is followed by blisters, sores and ulcers. They even spread in the patient’s mouth.

The most obvious difference between the symptoms in adults and those in children is the rash which characterizes HFMD. For children, the rash is often not itchy. But in adults, the rash can be so itchy that they can’t help scratching it.

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