What Are Symptoms of Liver Disease?

When it comes to symptoms of liver disease, there is a large variety you should be alert to. More than 100 diseases can affect the liver, making various signs varying in intensity and severity. Sometimes, you even can’t notice it, while sometimes it could be life-threatening.

Symptoms of liver disease

Initial symptoms are usually not obvious. During the early stage, fatigue, diarrhoea, nausea, poor appetite and weakness may occur. Besides, if you are experiencing the following signs, it means the liver function for sure gets weaker.

– Itchy skin and spiderlike blood vessels on the face and chest.
– Pain and swelling of the legs and abdomen.
– Jaundice. Malfunction of liver will cause excess of bilirubin in the system, making you look yellow.
– Enlarged liver.
– Excessive bleeding and easy bruising.
– Hormonal abnormalities. Women may experience decreased fertility and erectile dysfunction generally happens in men.
– Enlarged spleen. 

Any sign or symptom here deserves great attention as liver problems are sometimes serious that requires immediate hospitalization. If you feel confused about those symptoms, talk directly to your doctor.

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