What Are the Alternative Treatments for OCD?

Can exercise be an alternative therapy for OCD?

Having regular exercise is good for your condition.

If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, it is more likely for you to feel anxious. When you are feeling anxious, your body releases cortisol, a kind of hormone. If there is too much cortisol in your body, it can be harmful.

However, regular exercise can help control cortisol levels. Besides, regular and moderate exercise is beneficial to your organs, and it is a great way to reduce stress.


What relaxation techniques can be therapies for OCD?

Relaxation helps you reduce stress and distress caused by obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many relaxation techniques can get you refreshed and have fun, and here are some of them:

  • Meditation
  • Tai-chi
  • Yoga
  • Painting
  • Jogging in nature


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