What Are the Basics of Jock Itch?

How to diagnose jock itch?

In order to diagnose jock itch, your doctor may start with asking your symptoms and medical history. Then, he or she may check your affected areas. If your doctor can’t determine, he or she may collect a skin scraping or sample from the affected skin and do a lab testing.


How to treat jock itch?

Generally, jock itch a mild infection, and you can treat it by applying OTC antifungal medications and keep the affected areas clean and dry.

If the OTC medications are not work, you need to see a doctor and he or she may prescribe other drugs for you.


How to prevent jock itch?

Following tips may help reduce the risk of developing jock itch, including:

  • Keep your genital areas, buttocks and inner thighs dry and clean.
  • Don’t wear tight underwear and change it every day.
  • Keep your clothes dry and clean.
  • Don’t share personal items with others.
  • Treat athlete’s foot if you have.

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