What Are the Basics of Synovial Sarcoma?

What is synovial sarcoma?

Synovial sarcoma is a type of soft tissue sarcoma. It is a rare and aggressive type of cancer that most commonly occurs in the extremities, particularly in the thighs, knees, feet and forearms.

What are symptoms of synovial sarcoma?

There is usually no signs or symptoms in the early stage of synovial sarcoma.

As the tumor grows, synovial sarcoma usually presents with an otherwise asymptomatic swelling or mass, although general symptoms related to malignancies can be reported such as fatigue.

What is the prognosis for synovial sarcoma?

The prognosis for people with synovial sarcoma depends on many factors, including the size, grade, stage and location of the tumor, and the affected person’s age and overall health.

In general, synovial sarcoma has a survival rate of 50-60% at 5 years and 40-50% at 10 years.

Recurrence has been reported up to 69 months after treatment and suggests a worse prognosis with low survival rates.

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