What Are the Causes and Treatments for COPD?

Q: What are the main causes of COPD? And what kind of treatment is the most effective?

A: COPD is most often caused by smoking. Tobacco is a dangerous factor for COPD. Most people with COPD are long-term smokers. Air pollution is another reason for having COPD. Dust and fume when burning fuel in poorly ventilated homes is dangerous. Some factory workers who are exposed to dust.

The most popular treatment for COPD is pulmonary rehabilitation. It can help you relieve the symptoms like shortness of breath, increase your overall health and prevent and treat flare-ups.

Self-care is also important. Quitting smoking is the first but the most important thing you can do to slow the disease.

Your doctor will prescribe some medicines like bronchodilators.

There are other treatments which are also helpful. Oxygen therapy will make you feel more comfortable when breathing. It is essential to treat shortness of breath.

If you want to treat COPD, you should do something to change your life habits. Many people with severe COPD have trouble keeping their weight up and their bodies strong. This can be treated by paying attention to eating regularly and well.

Surgery is the last step. It is used when you have severe COPD. But it may impose more damage on your body.

COPD can affect more than your lungs. It can cause stress, anxiety, and depression. These things take energy and can make your COPD symptoms worse. But they can be treated.

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