What Are the Causes of Bladder Cancer in Men?


I have heard that men are more likely to have bladder cancer. Why? What causes bladder cancer in men?


It is true that bladder cancer is far more common in men than in women. The number of men with bladder cancer in US is 3 times more than women. Besides gender, the are other causes that make men easier to be caught by the cancer.

Smoking is killing people. It is the most obvious risk factor that leads to bladder cancer. As the number of male smokers is larger than female smokers, more men suffer from bladder cancer.

Exposure to harmful chemicals is also a vital reason why men are more likely to have the cancer. Since men have higher chance of getting a job requiring contact with polycystic aromatic hydrocarbons, arylamines and arylamines, they are more often diagnosed with bladder cancer.


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