What Are the Causes of Bladder Pain?

What are the causes of bladder pain?

Bladder is in your lower abdomen that stores urine for you. Bladder pain has various causes. There are four most common causes, including interstitial cystitis, urinary tract infections, changes in the reproductive system and bladder cancer.

Interstitial cystitis
Interstitial cystitis is a progressive condition that the bladder wall becomes irritated and inflamed. It can cause you extreme pain, especially when the bladder is filled. Besides bladder pain, you may also feel your lower back, abdomen or groin painful.

Usually, women are more likely to get it than men.

Urinary tract infection
Urinary tract infection, also shortened for UTI, is a common condition that bacteria damage your bladder cells and make them irritated. It happens when bacteria migrate into the sterile urinary tract and multiply. Also, it can affect the whole parts of the urinary system.

What’s more, women are at higher risk to have it than men because of the female body structure.

Changes in the reproductive system
When vaginal skin becomes thinner, it also causes bladder pain. Unhealthy vagina can lead to many problems to women. Indeed, Women should pay attention to their vagina health.

Bladder cancer
Men are more likely to suffer from bladder cancer than women. Sometimes, you also have many other typical symptoms, such as blood in the urine, difficulty in passing urine and frequent urination.

Additional cause
There are some other causes for you to know:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Endometriosis
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diverticular disease

As you can see, the causes of bladder pain are various and complicated. When you feel uncomfortable, you should call you doctor for further diagnosis.


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