What Are the Causes of Degenerative Disk Disease?

What are the causes of degenerative disk disease?

Spinal disks are made up of a soft inner core and a tough outer wall. Degenerative disk disease may be caused by:

  •  A violent injury
  •  Normal aging process
  • Everyday activities

Lifting heavy objects the wrong way, stretching too hard during a tennis volley, or slipping and falling on an icy sidewalk can hurt. These can cause the fibrous outer covering of the disk to break or bend to the point that it presses on a spinal nerve, especially if disk material sticks out.

  • Drying out.

When you’re born, the disks in your spine are mostly made up of water. As you age, they lose water and get thinner. Flatter disks can’t absorb shocks as well. The water loss also means less cushion or padding between your vertebrae. This can lead to other problems in your spine that may cause pain.

Sometimes, a disk swells, tears, or degenerates without any apparent cause.


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