What Are the Treatments for COPD Cough?


What kind of cough does COPD cause?


It’s kind of a chronic cough.

The way to treat cough caused by COPD is totally different from the cough caused by a cold or fever. In order to treat it, you should pay more attention to COPD itself because coughing is just one of the symptoms of COPD. COPD, mostly caused by tobacco smoking irritates your airways, thus resulting in cough. Chronic cough is defined as a cough and increased sputum production at least three months a year for two straight years. It can be diagnosed as chronic bronchitis. It always occurs with loss of lung function. Chronic bronchitis is part of COPD.


How can I treat it?


There is something you can do to improve your life quality, but you should know that the damage on your lungs is incurable.

  1. Quitting smoking: studies suggest it will slow the natural progression of the disease. And tobacco smoking it the main cause of COPD.
  2. Coughing techniques
  3. Medicinal options
  4. Staying hydrated: as a general rule, most experts recommend 8-10 cups of water every day
  5. Humidifier: it can prevent cough from a flare-up.


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