What Are The Differences Between Chalazion And Hordeolum?


What are the differences between chalazion and hordeolum?


Chalazia and hordeola (styes) are sudden-onset localized swellings of the eyelid. But there indeed exists several differences between the two things.


A chalazion: caused by noninfectious meibomian gland occlusion,
A hordeolum: usually caused by infection.


Both conditions initially cause eyelid congestion, swelling, and pain.
With time, a chalazion becomes a small nontender nodule in the eyelid center, whereas a hordeolum remains painful and localizes to an eyelid margin.


  • primarily hot compresses
  • ometimes drainage or drug therapy

Chalazion: Incision and curettage if chalazia are large, unsightly, and persist for more than several weeks despite conservative therapy.

Hordeolum: External hordeolum: incision with a sharp, fine-tipped blade. if it does not respond to hot compresses
Internal hordeolum: oral antibiotics and incision and drainage if needed.

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