What Are the Early Signs of Dyslexia?

What are the early signs of dyslexia?

There’re many early warning signs of dyslexia. You should read this article if you suspect that your child has dyslexia. It will help you identify the condition.

The early signs include:

  • Trouble remembering names. Your child knows an object, but he or she just can’t remember what we usually call the object.
  • Difficulty rhyming. To put it in a simple way, kids with dyslexia don’t “hear” the rhymes. It’s not that they can never pick up rhymes. It just doesn’t come easily.
  • Difficulty telling time. Kids with dyslexia have trouble telling time on an analog clock.
  • Trouble telling left and right apart. The problem can linger even when a dyslexic child became an adult. But it has nothing to do with one’s intelligence.


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