What are the Early Symptom of Diabetes?

Q: What are the early symptoms of diabetes?



Common Symptoms of Early Diabetes

1)    Constant Fatigue and Hnger

The food you eat is turned into glucose which is the energy your cells need. In addition, your cells also need insulin to absorb the glucose.

When the pancreas in your body stops producing or producing little insulin, or the cells do not respond to the insulin produced by the pancreas, the glucose cannot be absorbed by your cells and you get no energy. That’s one of the reasons that you are always hungry and tired.

2)    Peeing and Feeling Thirsty More Often

Normally, a person has to pee for about 4 to 7 times within 24 hours while the number goes up when in comes to people with diabetes.

When glucose goes through your kidneys, your body usually reabsorb it. However, your kidneys may become unable to take it all back in if you get diabetes because it causes high blood sugar in your body. As a result, you have to pee more times and you become thirsty more often.

3)    Unintentional Weight Loss

As it is mentioned above, your body can’t get enough energy from what you eat because of diabetes, it will choose burning your muscle and fat to get energy. Even if you eat more or the same as you usually do, you may still lose weight.

4)    Slow Wound Healing

Your nerve may be damaged because your blood flow is affected by high blood sugar and that’s why it’s difficult for your body to heal wounds.



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