What Are the Effects of Bladder Cancer?


My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer last week. What are the effects of the cancer? How will it influence our life?


Bladder cancer can be very severe, and the quality of the patient’s life may be affected in many ways.

The patient may need a surgery. It could be a very extensive one. To reduce further risk of a relapse, the surgeon could remove the entire bladder. The structure of the patient’s urinary system is reconstructed. The urine that his body produces will be led into an external collection bag.

If the patient chooses to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the treatment will drain his energy and leave him weak and fatigued.

Even if the patient becomes well after treatment, he is at the risk of getting it again, so both he and his families may experience anxiety about it. He should stay in touch with his doctors and call him if anything wrong occurs on his body.


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