What Are the Ethyl Glucuronide Levels?

What are the ethyl glucuronide levels?

Ethyl glucuronide level test, or ETG level test, is used to detect whether you have been exposed to or whether you have took in alcohol or not. Negative test results can confirm abstinence, however, the positive results can indicate your exposure to alcohol.

The reference levels of ethyl glucuronide are as follows:

  • 100-500 ng/mL: Previous heavy drinking (1-3 days) and Previous light drinking (12-36 hours)
  • 500-1000 ng/mL: Previous heavy drinking (previous 1-3 days) and Previous light drinking ( past 24 hours)
  • >1000 ng/mL: heavy drinking on the same day or previously (1-2 days) and Light drinking the same day.

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