What Are the Final Stages of Pancreatic Cancer?

What are the final stages of pancreatic cancer?

The final stages of pancreatic cancer are Stage III and Stage IV. In the final stages, the cancer has spread outside the pancreas to major vessels, lymph nodes and other organs of the body.

In the last stages of pancreatic cancer, nothing else is more important than to keep the patient comfortable. Besides receiving standard treatment, patients should also be aware of the following discomforts:


The region around pancreas is rich in nerves, and the invasion of cancer causes severe, often disabling pain. The pain is more likely to be in the back, and leaning forward and avoiding movement can help relieve the pain.


Jaundice causes itching, which may be as disabling as the pain of advanced cancer. Usually the itching cannot be relieved by scratching and causes damage of skin.

Weight Loss

Profound weight loss is common in late pancreatic cancer. This is caused by loss of appetite; persistent nausea from disease or treatment; diabetes and diarrhea caused by loss of pancreatic function; and the generalized wasting effect of advanced cancer.


As patients suffer from poor nutrition, diminished function of the liver, pancreas, and other organs, immobility, and weakened functions of immunity system by cancer and treatment, their resistance to infection is greatly lowered. The final, terminal event in late pancreatic cancer is often pneumonia.

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