What Are the Heart Problems that an AFib Patient Face?

Q: I have AFib and I know that it is a type of heart disease. What heart problems am I confronting? Will I face more severe problems?

A: A patient with atrial fibrillation must have a fast and fluttering heartbeat sometimes. The symptom is known as palpitations. When an episode occurs, the patient can sense a racing, uncomfortable, irregular heartbeat or a flip-flopping in his chest.

The atrium of the patient’s heart become weak. In some cases, there is something wrong with the ventricles, too. Therefore, the contraction of the heart is not as strong and regular as it used to be.  

Another serious problem of atrial flutter is heart failure. Rapid beating of the heart over a long time can weaken the heart muscle. This further impairs its pumping ability.

Other symptoms caused by these heart problems are fatigue, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, reduced ability of exercise and chest pain.



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