What Are the Interventions for RHD?


What are the interventions for RHD? Since it is a rare disease in the developed world, why poor people are still suffering from it?


Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) has become increasingly rare in the developed world. However, it remains life-threatening and prevalent in many parts of Africa. Although in these developing areas, people can use effective prevention and treatment tools, they still limited access to various interventions.

These interventions must stick to earlier detection and treatment. Specific intervention include:

  1. Primary Prevention (PP), improvement of treatment of pharyngitis in primary care settings.
  2. Secondary prevention (SP), creation and maintain of a registry of individuals who have a history of acute rheumatic fever (ARF) or RHD and then receive prophylactic penicillin regularly.
  3. Valve surgery (VS), establishment of local surgical capacity or increase of existing surgical services.


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