What Are the Remedies for MRSA Infection?

What are the natural remedies for MRSA infection?

Some natural supplements can be alternative treatments for MRSA infection. Here are some of them:

  • Olive leaf extract
    Olive leaves contain a compound that can serve as natural antibiotics.
  • Lapachol tea
    There are antimicrobial properties in it. It can help reduce symptoms of MRSA infections. But there is a side effect that it may cause blood thinning.
  • Turmeric
    There are anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric. You can apply turmeric powder to the affected area or take turmeric extract supplements.


Can tea tree oil help treat MRSA infection?

Tea tree oil can help treat various infections including MRSA infection, although there still needs more evidence to prove the effects of tea tree oil on it. It can offer a small benefit if you use tea tree oil nasal ointment and body wash.


You should use natural remedies together with standard treatments to solve the problems.

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