What Are the Remedies for Rosacea?




What can be home remedies for rosacea?

The following tips may help you improve symptoms and prevent recurrence:

  • Avoid triggers
    You need to know what causes your symptoms and try to avoid it.
  • Apply makeup
    Some makeup products and techniques can reduce the appearance of your skin redness, such as green-tinted primer and green-tinted facial powder.
  • Protect your face from sunlight
    Sunscreen with a broad-spectrum can be helpful. Wearing hats, scarves or masks can also protect your skin.
  • Treat your skin gently
    You can use a mild nonsoap cleanser and oil-free moisturizer. Don’t touch or rub your face too often. Products containing alcohol can also irritate your skin.


What can be natural remedies for rosacea?

  • Natural anti-inflammatory agents
    Many plants contain anti-inflammatory materials, which can be helpful to improve your symptoms.
  • Relaxation for releasing stress
    Stress may aggravate the symptoms, so relaxation is important for those with rosacea. Recommendations include meditation, yoga, Tai-chi, even deep breaths.
  • Keeping a healthy diet
    Some rich foods may trigger rosacea, or they may have adverse influence on your blood vessels.
  • Carefully reading labels of skin-care products
    You need to use mild skin care products if you are with rosacea.
  • Changing your pillowcase regularly
    Many substances, including skin oils, skin cells, and dust may pile up on your pillowcase. It can be more probable to clog your pores, leading to more bumps.


What herbs can improve the conditions?

Some ingredients found in herbs can help reduce inflammation. Here are some of them:

  • Licorice
    It can both reduce inflammation and reduce redness, swelling and itch. You can apply topically a gel containing licorice root extract.
  • Feverfew
    Products containing feverfew flower extract can be helpful. However, pregnant or nursing women and young children should not use it.
  • Green tea
    Green tea contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Many creams contain extracts of green tea leaves.
  • Oatmeal
    Oatmeal can also sooth your skin. Oatmeal cleanser and soap can help moisturize your skin and relieve your itch.
  • Lavender
    Lavender can help shrink facial blood vessels and ease inflammation. Topically applying lavender oil may be helpful.
  • Chamomile
    Chamomile has active components reducing inflammation. Many creams and ointments can be found in the shops.


It is recommended to consult a doctor before you choose any product.

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