What Are the Side Effects of Bladder Cancer Surgery?

Q: I have invasive bladder cancer and I’m considering take the surgery for it. I’m a little worried about it. What will happen after my bladder cancer surgery?

A: You may want to know the possible side effects of the surgery for invasive bladder cancer.

The way of urination

In the surgery, the surgeon will have your bladder removed, thus you will have to pass urine in a different way. There are several types of surgeries for invasive bladder cancer. The way in which you will urinate depends on the specific type of surgery you take.

Urine leakage

Some people may have urine leakage after the reconstruction of their bladder. It often occurs at night. Your surgeon can tell you whether it is likely in your condition. And if it happens, he will let you know how to deal with it.


Male patients may not be able to have an erection if the nerves controlling it are damaged in the surgery. After the removal of the prostate gland, men can no longer father a child.

Female patients may have their vagina shortened and their womb removed in the surgery. Of course, the surgeon won’t do it if it’s not necessary.

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