What Are the Similarities Between Bladder Cancer and Kidney Cancer?

Q: It seems that bladder cancer and kidney cancer share some similarities in their symptoms. What are they?

A: Bladder cancer symptoms

Common symptoms of bladder cancer include constant urinary tract infections; blood or blood clots in urine, pain with urination, and frequent urination in small amounts only. In these symptoms, the most typical one is blood or blood clots in the patient’s urine. It occurs in almost 90% of people with bladder cancer.

Kidney cancer symptoms

The most common warning signs of kidney cancer symptoms are similar with those of bladder cancer. Blood in urine is also a very typical symptom in kidney cancer, but it is more obvious. The color of urine from a person with kidney cancer is often deep red or rusty. In a serious case, the presence of a cancerous mass or lump in the side of the abdomen can be felt.

To make sure which disease a person has, physical exams and medical tests are necessary.

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