What Are the Stages of Poison Ivy Rash?

What Are the Stages of Poison Ivy Rash?

The poison ivy and its sap oils are the cause of poison ivy rash. The rash often begins after 12 to 48 hours of the exposure. The result can range from mild red bumps to an intense allergic reaction of swelling, blistering, and oozing. Mild cases can last 5 to 12 days. More severe cases can last up to 30 days or longer.

First, the rash will frequently break out in stages and continue spreading for the first 1 or 2 days.

Second, if new areas of rash appear after 3 days, you are probably get re-exposed to the plant oils. The oils can easily attach to your clothing, tools or even your pet’s fur, so you may touch the contaminated items and get allergic. Besides, the oil can become vaporized if you put fire on the poison ivy. So inhaling the smoke also causes the rash.

Third, when the blisters dry up, the rash will gradually recover on its own. You can take some soothing methods, such as cool compresses and applying calamine lotion, to ease the itching and make the healing process faster.

Try not to scratch your poison ivy rash, although the itching is hard to bear. Scratching can damage your skin further and cause an infection, leading to a severe and lasting rash.


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